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Physiotherapy is a field which is dedicated to providing complete relief to a number of ailments such as pains, aches, immobility in joints and respiratory functions. The possibilities are huge as you can benefit from this whether you are suffering from a chronic issue or a sports-related injury.  

When your physiotherapists in Halifax are trained, certified and experienced, you get a treatment that gives you a boost, leading to relief against trauma, brain injuries spinal cord disorders, arthritis, among others!

Our specialists have been helping patients get well for a while now and are extremely efficient in their field. You can contact University Physiotherapy Inc. and start a healthier life for yourself!

Shannon Ashton

Shannon graduated ICT Northumberland College in 2008. She has a wide range of experience and modalities to bring to her treatments.

Harvey Damacen

Dr. Harvey Damacen is an orthopedic surgeon with interest to assess and treat patients with musculoskeletal related injuries.

Jonathan O’Neill

Jonathan is a physiotherapist with an interest in working with athletes and former athletes with both acute and chronic injuries.

Joel Buckler

Joel Buckler has practiced physiotherapy for over 20 years. As director of University Physiotherapy Inc. he oversees the day-to-day operation of the clinic.

Sherry Mourant

With over 20 years practicing as an occupational therapist. Ms. Mourant has extensive experience in ergonomic site evaluation and functional assessments.

Sandy Houston

A strong exercise teaching and kinesiology background allows Mr. Houston to have exceptional insight into client’s conditions and requirements.

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