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Sports Injuries

Sports Injury

Whether you are an athlete injured from international competition, or you are a recreational weekend sportsman, our sports physiotherapy staff in Halifax is trained and equipped to assess your injury and provide you education and treatment to assist with your recovery. University Physiotherapy is proud to have a comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation clinic in Halifax to provide you with high-quality treatment for sports injuries.

Sprain of ligaments, muscle strains and contusions often occur in sport. More severe injuries like fractures, dislocations, and head trauma can result from activities on the field of play. Our rehabilitative care will allow quicker resolution of pain, swelling and restriction of motion. With appropriate treatment, you can recover strength, coordination, proprioception, power and agility.

Our Halifax team provides a comprehensive Sports Physiotherapy program and we perform return to playtesting to ensure you are safe to return to your sport without imminent risk of re-injury. Our staff has post-graduate training in acute, on-site injury management and concussion assessment/treatment. We are knowledgeable regarding supportive athletic taping and protective equipment. Current treatment protocols for common overuse and traumatic injury are used at our clinic in Halifax. Complete musculoskeletal and biomechanical assessment is performed to get at the root of recurrent and hard to treat athletic problems.

Information regarding warm-up and other preventative techniques is often used with our patients. Our Halifax’s Sports Physiotherapy and injury rehab team can inform athletes regarding proper hydration, nutrition and heat-related risk of injury. We develop Sport-specific exercise programs and provide direct communication with team trainers and coaches if the athlete desires. Our physiotherapists are aware of the stress, anxiety and in some case the depression, which for some athletes, can be associated with not being able to participate in their sport. Constructive coping skills are reinforced while they undergo rehab.

While we see patients in the clinic we also work directly with teams and sports organizations providing on-site coverage for events, season-long team therapist duties and injury management for sports teams. We also provide post-operative rehabilitation of our patients.

Management of acute sports injuries:

Even before you attend physiotherapy or massage therapy, there are things you can do to aid the recovery from a sport-related injury.

In the first few hours after acute injury, we want to employ the acronym RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) to provide post-injury care. Rest to protect the injury and prevent further damage and inflammation. Ice to reduce the excessive inflammatory response that can occur with acute sports injuries. Compression and elevation above the level of the heart to minimize swelling associated with the inflammatory response.

*Note: ice no longer than 15 minutes once per hour to allow the skin to recover from the cold. Ice can be used in the first 48 hours to reduce excessive inflammatory response.

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